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Why Fintech Over Broker Business? Why Broker Business Over Lender?

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Why Fintech Over Broker Business? Why Broker Business Over Lender?

Market relations are a dynamic structure in which there is a constant turnover of funds. Therefore, there is a natural need for business loans in different categories. However, this demand for loans generates a corresponding supply from lenders. Now the market for lenders and their services is vast, which is a positive aspect of competition in this area. And this, in turn, leads to an increase in the quality of services provided by lenders. This diversity also creates problems for consumers in the form of wide a choice of all loans and their terms. This often leads to a situation when a borrower spends a lot of time in search of a loan. In the worst case, such a wide variety leads to wasted money when choosing the wrong loan.
To solve this problem, brokers appeared in the loan structure.

Commercial Loan Broker

A commercial loan broker is a specialist in connecting small business owners and investors with lenders.
Altogether, a broker will be well-versed in every aspect of commercial finance. And he as the specialist will provide a business owner with guidance on how to get a business loan. Additionally, a broker should also have access to a large network of commercial lenders. In this case, a broker can provide a wide range of loans with different conditions to choose from. Furthermore, a good commercial loan broker will help ensure the client gets the best rates possible. It means that a broker will help the business owner negotiate the rates and terms of the business loan.

As mentioned earlier, brokers solve a number of problems in the relationship between lenders and borrowers, such as:

Business Financing Options:

Overpayment for a loan is possible. To avoid this, it is necessary that the business owner is well informed about their opportunities and potential risks. Therefore client-oriented commercial loan broker will help a business owner understand all the different funding options. And the broker help steers to the best financing option that will help a business grow short, medium and long-term.

Access to Lenders:

There is a great variety of lenders available that are willing to provide small businesses with financing. Therefore a simple search by comparison often results in wasted time and money. If the search result is positive, the following kind of problem is possible. It needs to indicate the position of the applier when filling out documents for a loan. Based on this, in the field of the position of the applicant, there will be a lower-position than if the application was submitted with the help of a broker. This will increase the chances of approving.


The next step is to negotiate fees and costs related to the loan. Many lenders feel small businesses should just accept the terms they present. A small business should always push back on the fees to ensure they are paying the lowest rates available. So that it doesn’t lead to having to pay excessive closing and banking fees.

But the development of the credit market did not stop at such a structure. Along with the expansion of the implementation spheres of scientific and technological progress, the possibilities of credit services have expanded. More convenient online banks are gradually replacing the offline part. This is a natural way for financial sphere development, as well as the development of mankind in general. Digital services are making the financial world more adaptable to today’s realities. In response to customers’ needs to save time, appropriate financial technologies have emerged.

FinTech Loan Options

The technology started to play a real role in the finance industry after the credit card creation in the 1950s. However, fintech takes place in society for a long time, the problems give the impetus for the development of this. The first such impetus was the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. After this, many American’s were furious at the banking system.  This effect leading to distrust for banks everywhere. And this was only made worse by the fact that after the recession, banks stopped lending. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators alike were exploring lending alternatives like never before. Consumers are wary of incumbent financial institutions. Considering the desperate need to explore technological alternatives years ago. There is much more trust in the financial technology industry as reliable funding sources, among other services.

Many people are lacking trust in incumbent financial institutions. This is a major reason for the evolution of online lending services. The financial technology industry has created a new way for businesses and consumers to obtain loans. This includes a peer to peer lending, access to working capital, and trust-based social funding. Under the lending sector of financial technology, credit scoring and verification services are also included.

The next impetus in the development of financial technologies was the incidents of 2020. The vast majority of human activities have switched to remote work. And this, in turn, led to a modification of the scope of lending. There was a need to transfer clients to online services. Interaction with brokers and lenders has now become more practical on online platforms. This expands the potential of fintech, helping humanity move to a new level of online credit technology.

On this path, we obviously observe fintech over broker business and lenders. And we can predict further development of fintech.



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