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Application Process

Application Process

We know that, above all, adaptability is the key to success. So for our clients and vendor partners to flourish, we must be versatile and efficient.
Hence we are proud to introduce our smart application with the instantaneous approval process.

Now the application process will become pleasant and intuitive for you. Business entity Search-engine and auto-completion with company owner suggestion will it will speed up the process. And also document upload and requirement suggestions based on type and amount of loan will help a lot in applying.

Our instantaneous application process is the most expedient and efficient method to apply for commercial finance. With our platform you will save your money and time. Our patented smart application technology is revolutionary for a multitude of reasons, for instance:

  • FAST
    • 2 minutes application
    • 2-hour approval
    • 2-day funding
  • EASY
    • Streamlined platform – Online application, Contract, Document Signing
    • Updates status instantly to Client and Vendor
    • Dedicated and specialized Account Executive immediately available
    • No Impact on your personal credit

From startups to well-established corporations, institutions, and government agencies, we offer the most versatile options both short and long term. Moreover, we have seen it all, and from that wealth of experience, we are prepared to find the financial solution that will expand your business and achieve your vision.

Finance IT Forward is dedicated to supporting vendors with flexible, fast and efficient finance tools to ensure a successful transaction for all parties involved. With ever-increasing industry competition, sensibility lies in the capacity to offer customers a higher availability of options.

With Finance IT Forward lenders have their own dedicated portal to define/modify credit criteria and parameters. Anywhere from A+ to D credit investors would be selecting their appropriate type of loans previously underwritten and approved to allocate funds in the pool based on their appetite and desired exposure.