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Finance IT Forward offers a full range of equipment leasing servicing and collections options. As a financial technology platform, we understand all the subtleties of your business. Therefore we can offer the most suitable options for you.

And we will be happy to provide you with our financial platform for finding suitable loan conditions. And also our application will help you find the ideal options for your case. We are creative in our missions to provide you with options that are unique and ideal for you.


Our solutions seamlessly integrate the workflow of the entire lending. We also work with specialized lenders, equipment lessors and other types of credit lines. This is the right place if you are looking to upgrade to a secure. And we are the functionally rich platform that is affordable.
We are providing vendor, equipment verification. Along with we are doing fraud detection, dispute resolution, pre-claim and post-claim collections, customized reporting.
This will save you time and money and avoid any potential inconveniences associated with lending.
And also detailed documentary reporting will protect you from legal issues.
Our portfolio buildup solution with its servicing platform hands-on with experienced professionals. This allows our clients to improve their operational efficiency and equipment leasing portfolio quality with a cost-effective solution.
And also an integral plus is our individual approach to each case of our clients.

The work of our platform is focused on helping you in matters of commercial equipment leasing and business loan acquisition.
Our professional approach to finding various categories of loans will ensure a stable lending process.

We also take care of the interests of your business. Thanks to the favorable loan conditions, you can save your time and money. Which in turn will allow you to increase the working capital of your business. And enter a new business niche.

Therefore, helping our customers is our top priority.