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Equipment Financing/Leasing

Equipment Financing/Leasing

Obtaining equipment is one of the most common reasons small business owners seek outside financing. Sorting out all the details of this process can sometimes be difficult. However, we will help you find the best financing option for you and understand all the intricacies of this.
Finance IT Forward is a premium source of funds for virtually all types of commercial equipment acquisitions. Together with us, you will walk this path of financing your equipment.

Equipment financing is the use of a loan or lease to purchase or borrow hard assets for your business. Wherein this type of financing might be used to purchase or borrow any physical asset. Also, there is an enormous number of variations on equipment leasing that cater to specific types of businesses and equipment.

Besides, equipment financing is that it’s for financing a physical asset. Unlike with, say, a working capital loan, the asset you’re purchasing serves as a kind of collateral. If you default on your loan or lease, the lender can repossess the asset. Therefore, equipment leasing tends to be a more cost-effective and lower-risk way to acquire equipment than other forms of financing.

Our Advantages

Inasmuch as we are a technology firm partnering with various investor categories, we have the opportunity to make equipment leasing and will provide the proper funding. Through Finance IT Forward instant equipment lease quote engine, you can to lease equipment from the leading equipment finance companies. Also, our platform uses the algorithms combined with industry and technology knowledge.
We understand there is a difference between businesses, therefore we structure our solutions creatively.
So Finance IT Forward help the customers by offering different types of commercial loans according to their business needs. In addition, we are flexible with clients’ past credit history, the size of the business, the age of the assets and how long they’ve been in business.

Finance IT Forward Benefits

100% Financing with zero to a minimum out of pocket
Competitive rates
Flexible terms
Higher approval success
Fast approval and funding
No to minimum documentation
Electronic document signing
No impact on personal credit