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Cross-Border Financing

Cross-Border Financing

Above all, cross-border financing type of finance refers to any source of funding that enables a business to trade internationally. That is to say, cross-border finance is import finance or export finance. In addition, cross-border financing requires the financial provider to act as an intermediary between the business, the supplier and the end-customer. Meanwhile, supporting the transaction throughout the process to enable the business to do cross-border business without the requirement for a large reserve of working capital.

What the Finance IT Forward platform offers regarding cross-border financing?

Here at Finance IT Forward we are able to recommend the best cross- border finance providers. In addition, we can offer cross-border financing arranging capital and equipment financing for qualified businesses within our syndication program internationally. As a result, with the capability to fund in different jurisdictions and in different currencies.

Expand your horizons with our global reach and relationship-driven approach

One of the benefits of Finance IT Forward cross-border factoring is that it can provide peace of mind to importers and exporters. That is to say, the provider manages supplier payments for the goods. As a result, the business can meet its customer deadlines and focus on positioning the business for growth. Additionally, the provider can help meet the business’ purchasing needs. Meanwhile, as deal with all the documentation as part of the agreement, which makes the process more efficient and avoids any unnecessary delays.


Finance IT Forward is the close partnerships and strong ties with renowned global banks to provide you various financing and foreign exchange solutions. We offers cross-border financing between Finance IT Forward participants. In addition, we are a standalone platform where investors and borrowers cooperate on the best terms. The role of Finance IT Forward in the ecosystem is to help buyers and businesses finance international transactions. In the same time, we offer lenders attractive investment opportunities, ensuring capital is put to good use.